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The LLVM target-independent code generator is a framework that provides a suite of reusable lookinv for translating the LLVM internal representation to the machine code for a specified target—either in assembly form suitable for a static compiler or in binary machine code format usable for a JIT compiler. The LLVM target-independent code generator consists of six main components:.

The opcode is a simple uned integer that only has meaning to a specific backend.

Independence is looking for elf

For example, consider the following LLVM fragment:. Greedy — The default allocator. The stack size values only include the space allocated in the function prologue.

Independence is looking for elf

To perform this pattern match, inndependence PowerPC backend includes the following instruction definitions:. Target machine instructions are represented as instances of the MachineInstr class. This indicates that the target has been used as a static compiler to compile large amounts of code by a variety of different people and is in continuous use. Data independejce are simple edges with an integer or floating point value type.

To get to these implementations, the TargetMachine class provides accessors that should be implemented by the target.

Independence is looking for elf

Insert subvector — A vector is placed into a longer vector type starting at index 0. X86 addressing modethe pattern may either specify the operand as a whole using a ComplexPatternor else it may specify the components of the complex operand separately.

Independence is looking for elf

Given a particular architecture, you can check which registers are aliased by inspecting its RegisterInfo. It can also be used to model a sequential list of instructions potentially with data dependencies that cannot be legally separated e. With very rare exceptions e.

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This de permits efficient compilation important for JIT environments and aggressive optimization used when generating code offline by allowing components of varying levels of sophistication to be used for any step of compilation. It corresponds one-to-one with the LLVM function input to the instruction selector.

Independence is looking for elf

Callee saved registers are spilled after the frame is created. If you need to enumerate all virtual registers, use the function TargetRegisterInfo::index2VirtReg to find the virtual register s:. Only three entries are relevant to LLVM. In a Very Long Instruction Word VLIW architecture, the compiler is responsible for mapping instructions to functional-units available on the architecture.

Independence is looking for elf

This translation layer is also responsible for expanding pseudo ops used by the code generator into the actual machine instructions they correspond to. Instead, it thinks about labels, directives, and instructions. LLVM ignores these special address space qualifiers on global variables, and does not provide a way to directly allocate storage in them.


The LLVM Target-Independent Code Generator — LLVM 12 documentation

At this level, LLVM handles things ks label names, machine instructions, and sections in the object file. Basic — This is an incremental approach to register allocation. Each SSA virtual register created by the instruction selector has an associated register class. The SelectionDAG provides an abstraction for code representation in a way that is amenable to instruction selection using automatic techniques e.

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The first entry is the stack pointer spjndependence link. It is a simple class much more so than Independenve that holds a target-specific opcode and a vector of MCOperands. Code generation in this model is divided into the following stages:. It specifies which registers to restore and from where, and how to unwind out of the function. MCInst is the common currency used to represent machine instructions at the MC layer. This box indicates whether the target supports parsing target specific.

Record s are also currently in hospital with coronavirus, with a further 3, admitted in England on Monday January 4.

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The FMADDS instruction is a ternary instruction that multiplies its first two operands and adds the third as single-precision floating-point s. Buy It! The two pieces of the LLVM code generator are the high-level interface to the code generator and the set of reusable components that can be used to build target-specific backends. insependence

If a target supports floating point multiply-and-add FMA operations, one of the adds can be merged with the multiply. However, some architectures use two address instructions. LLVM address space 0 is the default address space, which includes the stack, and any unqualified memory accesses in a program.

Extract subvector — A vector is pulled from a longer vector type starting at index 0. This physical register is the location where kooking virtual register is supposed to be found before being stored or after being reloaded.

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These instructions have implicit program exit condition as well. This box indicates whether the target supports most popular inline assembly constraints and modifiers. An instruction may define or use a register. It explains how they work and some of the rationale behind indepehdence de.

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That is the strategy adopted by LLVM. We start off by ing the basic blocks and machine instructions.

The MachineInstr class does not have any information about how to interpret the instruction i. Implementations of the abstract target description interfaces for particular targets.

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This stage is responsible for implementing optimizations like frame-pointer elimination and stack packing. This makes the resultant code more efficient and the select instructions from DAG phase below simpler. These are in physical registers, so the physical register is assumed to be killed by the end of the basic block. Callee is responsible looiing stack cleaning. Call as llc -tailcallopt test.

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InstAliases take a flattened operand list without duplicates for tied operands. There are several well-known ways to do this in the literature. In addition, a machine operand should be marked as a def or a use of the value indepensence only registers are allowed to be defs. In particular, you should rarely have to explicitly tell the system what type parts of your patterns are.

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